February 5, 2009

Trying to be Nice...and failing, as usual...

I suppose I'm endangering myself here, but...

I also suppose I must add that I am not a fan of child porn, and that, if a four-year-old and a twelve-year-old were actually rescued from some terrible situation, good on them. I suppose I might even muster begrudging gratitude to that creep Fantino.

I feel like Virginia Woolf from A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN, searching for the feet of the British prosecutor behind curtains before revealing that Chloe might like Olivia.

In light of Julian Fantino's recent child porn busts, I cannot help but wonder about a few things.

You know how Presidents tend to start wars when their popularity slips? Isn't it funny how this big bust occurs just as Julian is under ethical clouds?

Also, why does neither the mainstream media nor even Wiki (oh, Wiki, why hast thou forsaken us?) point out that Julian has had this little problem with credibility around child porn charges being laid in the past, in London, Ontario (something which even his autobiography only briefly touches on - ugly witch hunt, fake evidence, intimidating witnesses)? In fact, even searching the web about Project Guardian, which was only 14 years ago - the coverage has all but vanished. That is in less than a generation - disgusting short term memory, and doubtless assisted by those who WANT memory to be brief and atomized.

In the words of Pere Ubu: 'I want the evidence'. I do NOT give that man the unquestioned belief he wants (a man who seems to think protestors should ask police permission to gather - well, no, in public places, it doesn't work like that, Julian - if you're going to claim to defend the law, you might want to read it sometime...if, of course, that is a skill you possess...).

There, now wasn't that nice? :)

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