May 11, 2007

Just A Few Innocent Questions

1. If abortion is murder, then would miscarriage be manslaughter? Would adoption be conversion of property? Would child molestation or abuse then be simple property crimes? Just wondering...

2. If, as the Bible seems to imply, Jesus looked like everyone else in the region where he lived, why do some people persist in envisioning this Pat Boonesque figure? Now THAT would stand out...

3. Going back to #1 - evidently one senator proposed that the pro-life/anti-choice movement re-name itself pro-birthday (presumably to allow for the position of also being pro-death penalty). Now...(a) I envision people having to take out legal injunctions to prevent clowns, birthday cakes, balloons, etc. being visited upon them and (b) Now, doesn't being pro-death penalty deprive someone of a birthday, possibly (unless we are to execute everyone on his/her birthday, I suppose...what a happy occasion THAT would be...).

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