November 28, 2007

A few rants and rambles

(1) So the Catholic Church is concerned about THE GOLDEN COMPASS, citing its usual fears of anti-Christianity (wait until they reach book 3 - drop dead, little Pope!), sexual implications(um, the Vatican barn doors have already swung SHUT on your historical role in protecting the sexual innocence of youth) and a host of other little concerns (the witches thing, too, I'm sure).

Now, I can't help but wonder if, despite the Marianism of some branches of the church, they're just a little irked at the saviour of the worlds being...a girl!?

(2) I was talking to some young fellow sexual deviants tonight, and they were actually surprised that Canada Customs used to seize material coming into Canada. What ARE they teaching the youth in school? Where is the vital role of educators in corrupting future generations and ensuring they're nice radical queers? I'm so disappointed...(having said this, I also wonder if I look old enough to have been in school in 1973, since, after sharing a story about how I had to get a parental leave slip signed at the age of nearly 19 in order to interview someone at the local queer organization for a paper, I was told that, after all, it was still a mental illness then by classification. Now, I don't have a Canadian stat at hand, but the APA delisted homosexuality in 1973...I can't imagine Canada was LATER...not that legalization is a key, since Quebec made homosexuality no longer illegal a good five years before the rest of Canada did, and there are countries where homosexuality is not strictly illegal, but, sadly, neither is electro convulsive therapy...).

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