December 23, 2007

Idea stolen from a woofy fellow musician


1. Kirsty MacColl, KITE (1989)

Though, given Miss MacColl's tragic death around this time of year, it's not something I listen to in December much, it is, nevertheless, one of the most perfect, bitchy, catchy records of jangly pop ever made.

2. Velvet Underground, THIRD (1969)

Unlike, oh, Big Star's THIRD, I find this soothing and meditative music, though Miss Lou's CLOSET MIX unfortunately pushes his vocals up too far (have to get around to getting a vinyl copy again with the original mix - and you'd think Reed would know better, given his revisionist history, than to call it a closet mix...).

3. Ramones, FIRST (1976)

Snotty, catchy, shows you where Green Day and Shonen Knife and, well, let's list the whole pop-punk canon learned - and also shows the problem with the 'Telephone Game' - things get lost as they move down the line.

4. Low, TRUST (2004, I think)

In which Mimi finds her drumsticks and Alan learns that the guitar goes up past 4. But exactly what is it that you can't get in Canada - and what are two nice Mormons looking for that's illegal in Canada, anyway? ;)

5. Modern Lovers, SELF-TITLED (1976, recorded 1971-1973)

The Velvets' catchiest disciples, I think, and it's a damn shame that Warners couldn't see it in their heart to release this in 1973. Roadrunner, Dignified and Old (someday I will play that song in tribute to a friend who should have damn well HEARD it), Girlfriend (beautiful guitar/piano shared solo), She Cracked (one chord for the verse, three for the chorus), etc.

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