March 23, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

There was a bear who had been enchanted into a man - a sad man. He lived in one room and within a smaller room inside that room, as his head was the only space both small enough and large enough for him - and his heart was in the corridor outside the room, occasionally looking in.

At the same time, in another land, there was an ogre who probably lived in similar circumstances, though little is known of his dwelling places there.

Then one rainy night, when the ogre was in the bear's land, the two met. Like most monsters, they were lonely for the company of and afraid of other creatures, at the same time, but the ogre eventually spoke to the bear and there was happiness.

For a while.

'This is a place I visited, and now it fades away.' DANSEPARC, Martha and the Muffins

March 11, 2008

Oh, hear my voice - the table is rumbling...

Performed tonight at the Queen's Pride Week coffeehouse/launch of the Outwrite publication (in which I had a poem). Did the poem, and then two songs (medley of my original THE ABSOLUTELY BANAL SONG and I'M STICKING WITH YOU, which, yes, I played up the audience by pointing out its JUNO connection (the movie, not the goddess, Throwing Muses song or Canadian award...)). Some kid told me I was good, though, sadly, it wasn't the cubby with the ukulele who kept grabbing my mic as it was sagging and erecting it again (well, doesn't that just sound wrong in all the right ways? ;) ). I thought I was okay, though my eye kept watering and I can never hear myself properly on stage, which, tonight, was important, as it's been YEARS since I've performed live (2004, I think, was the last time).

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