January 31, 2008

Yes, thank you, I AM four years old... :)

And I'm immature enough to want to be David Bowie if Mick Ronson were THIS man...

That being AC Newman from New Pornographers - great songwriter and a red-haired sweetie-beard I feel weak enough in the knees at the sight of to almost drop to them... ;)

(though, when you think about it, in light of the extended metaphor, you might electrify yourself and/or chip your teeth in the execution of Fender fellatio...)

January 27, 2008

Follow My Voice

Saw this movie this afternoon as part of the Reelout Festival. It was sparsely attended, which is odd given that it was a Sunday afternoon - what else do people have to do in this town, particularly, given their kvetching, since there's nothing to do in this town in the evening? ;)

It was very heartening to hear people in the 'crowd' applaud and cheer after the footage of Yoko voice-improvising out, given the usual immature way people react to her very presence.

To briefly describe the movie, it's a documentary about the Hettrick-Martin Institute, which houses the Harvey Milk School in New York City, a haven/school for queer youth, with the framing device being the music from HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH. It's a very touching movie, and I'll really have to haul the attending charity CD out again, since tracks that were really moving in the movie, from my memory, didn't impress me on the CD (Frank Black rocking out SUGAR DADDY; Cyndi diva-ing MIDNIGHT RADIO) and some I hated at the time were really wonderful (Rufus Wainwright).

Anyway - on the way home, there was a new bus driver - a cute wittle cubbie. :)

(Yes, I know, but even a committed bear like me occasionally lusts for a different stick of licorice)

January 23, 2008

Just a random snarl...

In light of the slow living suicide of both Miss Winehouse (a very unfortunate name, at that) and Miss Spears (really not much better) and the effective suicide of Mr Ledger (whether it was an accidental overdose or suicide, it was still a death caused by his own actions), a quote from Suicide (sorry) comes to mind (and, yes, I'm aware only one of these people is/was American):

'America, America is killing its youth.'

Discuss among yourselves your potential complicity in both creating their stardom and breeding an environment of pressure and voyeurism that doesn't exactly contribute to a healthy lifestyle or sense of perspective.

January 22, 2008


Goodbye, Mr. Ledger. Even if your enunciation was terrible in Brokeback Mountain (and there wasn't even any (on-screen) depiction of reasons why your enunciation might be terrible ;) ), you were both sexy and touching in that role.

I don't suppose there were any pre-written obituaries for you, as there evidently are for Miss Spears and were (surprise) for Anna Nicole.

January 8, 2008

Yes, I know, a personal post - how unlike me of late...

Goodbye, Miss Ruby, ca. 1987-2008 (my sister's beloved cat) - now she joins her 'brother' Bear (yes, my sister's cat was named Bear - and it fit...) in catnip Elysian Fields.

January 4, 2008

And, yes, I'm aware of the irony of using television in order to decry it, so don't bother pointing it out

I realize that this may seem to defeat itself, since, by posting about it, I am demonstrating that I am not immune to this tendency to deny people the space to have private lives, but...

in the slow sad car crash that has become Britney Spear's life, it has not seemed to occur to any journalists that, when they say they're waiting to hear what the psychological and toxicological reports about Miss Spears contain, that perhaps it's not their business, and that their concern about the children (I'm not sure that perhaps growing up on the streets, raised by wolverines, might not be a better option than either parent, frankly) would be a bit more sincere if not tainted by voyeurism and vampirism.

Just a few angry thoughts...and, of course, given that Owen Wilson didn't have THAT high of a profile, of COURSE they gave him relative space.

Obeying the orders of a hunky singer-songwriter, Jay Spears

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