July 30, 2008

Goodbye, Daddy :( ...Mr. "Larry Townsend", 1930-2008

Sad news about Larry Townsend.

Given the pseudonymous nature of his name, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that my google search has produced NO OTHER acknowledgement of his passing. Still...

July 4, 2008

Jesse Helms

dead, on July 4. I'd say 'how ironic', but I suppose that irony depends on a number of factors (whether social conservatism is part of the American culture, etc. - as it has been argued part of the reason the Pilgrims came to North America was that the authorities in England essentially forbade them carrying on a mini-Inquisition, perhaps so...).

As it happens, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson each died on the same July 4, with rumour holding that one (I can never remember which) asked if the other had died yet, and, upon being told he had, died (though I wonder about this - I'm not sure if they were in the same city - I'm not sure news travelled that quickly in, what, 1826 or so...).

How tragic that, oh, the Revenant Fred Phelps and Jesse weren't in a battle-to-the-death.

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