May 15, 2010

Another cassette upload from 20 years ago - Reptile, Fame and Fossils

An Icelandic band, that vaguely seems like an anarchic big band (think Cypher in the Snow, for you queers like me who cling to records no-one heard of then, let alone now...except Icelandic and (I think) straight.). Though she left the band before this came out, The Sugarcubes' keyboardist (second record and on) was in this group too. It had two lead singers, one sort of pretty and conventional in tone and the other a little more Nico-y and belty.

Reptile, Fame and Fossils (1990), BAD TASTE RECORDS

May 7, 2010

My Fellow Deviants (2009)

My most recent completed project, 7 songs, 31 minutes.

A few revisits, and some actual new songs, some inspired by the young gent to my right on the CD cover. :) (My fuzzycheeks, Mr. Michael :) )

Coming up sometime later this year, SUPER PSYCHOTIC DANCE PARTY VS. THE GINGER RAYS OF DEATH, which may be largely instrumental, with some covers thrown in (but this is still far off in planning).

My Fellow Deviants

Poofs Rock (2008)

Kind of my odds 'n' sods (you should pardon the expression) collection. Covers, remixes, overdubs, a couple of newbies.

Poofs Rock

Armed With Five Pounds of Hamster Food (2007) cd

My first self-produced and self-performed CD, from 2007.

the title was inspired by a local musician remarking on how he was, well, see the title (in re food for his hamsters). The next time I saw him, I mentioned how he had inspired me, only to learn the hamsters had all died. Awkward... :(

Armed With Five Pounds of Hamster Food (DABWITW Wecords, 2007)

Supertim CD/cassette (2002)

My first 'real' album from 2002. I had a song on BITCH NATION TOP SECRET CASSETTE SWAPPING CLUB the year before, and had made some recordings back in the early 90s, but this was my first serious effort at compilation.

Friends of the Friendless, Inviolable Cool and Valentine were percussed and produced by the lovely and talented GB Jones in 2001-2002.

Supertim (Big Ethel Records and Tapes, 2002/DABWITW Wecords, later in 2002 (cd version, transferred by my brother-in-law Guy)

May 6, 2010

new take on Fuzzy Cheek Blues

an instrumental long in progress. Will probably be adding lead guitar, piano, maybe some percussion (and may, in fact, phase out the drums altogether).

Fuzzy Cheek Blues

all sounds by me (well, the drums are at least selected from options by me, anyway :) ).

May 3, 2010

A Plethora of Indian Summer covers

My cover of Indian Summer by Beat Happening. Your choice of guitar/vocal, guitar/vocal/percussion, guitar/vocal/percussion/keyboard bass (in that order).

Beat Happening, naked

Beat Happening, with strategically placed maracca

Beat Happening, with maracca and big organ

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